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Basic Guides about Neckties

Men usually wore necktie as part of their suits. Men generally looked formal with neckties on. Neckties can also be worn with passion and pride. A man may look more stunning with proper necktie on that would make him appear more elegant. A man must learn more on how to choose the perfect tie for his clothing and skin color. If a man wears a wrong necktie, it would result to disaster. Neckties are not only for men, but also for women. For neckties to fit best with your suit, their are basic guides that you need to read more to properly execute them.

Picking the right tie, you should know about which material the necktie is made from. Before paying to check first the fabric. Ties made out of silk are preferable because of it’s quality. Wool can be of help when you can’t find a silky fabric for a tie. As much as possible, refrain from choosing cotton fabric for ties because they can easily be wrinkled. Although their are a lot of guides and choices, you must also remember to choice based on your preference. However, there are things that you will take into consideration to pick the right color. Read more about contrasting and complementing. Your tie should complement the shirt you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a dark shirt, then wear a lighter tie, if you are wearing a lighter shirt then wear a darker tie. You can still pick your favorite color but always remember that they should be in different shade for them to compliment each other. Picking a premier color that would match the tie would help to compliment a checked, striped and printed shirts. It is a bit confusing when dealing with patterned neckties. Basic rule in dealing with patterns is to choice solid color whether the tie or the shirt under.

Medical doctors according to research are prone to spread germs with their patients, because germs can easily stick on their ties, and this info about it can be very alarming. With this reason, medical doctors are not wearing neckties.

High blood pressure can sometimes be the cause of wearing neckties too tightly. A certain research about developing glaucoma when using neckties too tightly is due to having a high blood pressure making the circulation a messy state. As best as possible do not wear neckties with rotating machines because this might kill you.