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Guidelines to be a More Effective Parent

Parents who worry about their children’s wellbeing have at one point in their lives felt inadequate about their parenting skills. These feeling of inadequacy are familiar to every responsible parent Feelings of inadequacy are most common when a parent realizes that he/she has failed in some parenting aspect. A parent’s feelings of inadequacy can also be manifested when a child is the source of trouble to others. What you should learn is that a parent that has had such beliefs is a concerned parent. It also shows the parent’s effort to increase the skills to needed to take of her children. The factors highlighted below will be of great help if you are looking to be a better parent.

First of all, you should always aim to devote as much time as possible to your children. It is very common in recent days for parents to spend the whole day; seven days a week at work. The parent’s justification for this unhealthy behavior is to give the children everything they need This phenomenon leaves very little time for parents to interact and get to know their children’s lives. This situation minimizes the time required for a parent to know their children intimately and their progress in life. In reality, children require some level of attention from their parents so their achievements can be appreciated. Absent parents can lead their attention seeking children to the arms of a lousy company likely to corrupt their behavior.

The second tip that will lead you to healthy parenting technique is acknowledging your child’s achievements and complimenting their desirable behaviors. Most parents have undertaken the habit of acknowledging just the negative behavior of their children and ignoring the positive ones. These negative parental habits can demoralize, demotivate and lower the self-esteem of the child. When children fail to get reinforcement from their parents, their self-worth and the driving factor is likely to decrease. A more detailed explanation is that many children look forward to amazing their parents and they might feel like failures if the parents don’t seem satisfied. Hence it is advisable for parents to be interested in the child’s accomplishments and desirable behaviors.

The third tip is to make it clear to your children that your love has no conditions. As a parent, you should tell your children how much you love them as frequent as possible. There should be no age barrier to prevent a parent from communicating love to their children. In other cases, parents give conditional confessions of love. For example, telling them that you love them only when they behave in a certain way or achieve something. This kind of love is not healthy to a child because it can lead to negative feelings of inadequacy when they make a mistake.

In conclusion, parents should consult the guidelines above to help them combat the ever-changing role of a parent.

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