A Simple Skincare Routine For Daily Use

Us ladies just love beauty and fashion. We all have unique styles, favorite hairstyles and preferred makeup looks. Is what makes us unique and allows us to create our special looks. There are so many elements to getting a look together. Creating a look requires purchasing clothing and products to master our ideal overall look. No matter if you shop for wigs summit NJ or travel to Miami for a bit of cosmetic surgery or like shopping sprees in New York City, we all have certain things we enjoy doing to keep our look together. Skincare is one of the major components of any diva’s beauty routine.

Mornings are busy and at night you may be too tired. Don’t worry. We have crafted a simple skincare routine for daily use. Add this routine to your routine of getting dressed and ready for the day. Having a daily skincare routine will lead to a more improved look of the skin and it will help you to look good as well.

Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse. We cannot stress it enough. One of the major problems people have with their skin is due to improper cleaning. Not all cleansers are created equally. Using the wrong one could barely be cleaning the skin. Begin with a cleanser that detoxifies the skin, removes makeup and adds back moisture. Do this both morning and night.

Second, use a toner. You may be surprised by how much oil and makeup is leftover on the skin after cleansing. Toning is key for acne prone skin. Witch hazel is one of the best astringents you can use on the skin. Also, if you are acne prone add an exfoliator in your routine. An exfoliator will scrub deep into your pores to unclog them and remove dead skin cells. These are a must for those that have oily skin or for those that experience acne. Exfoliating may be necessary only a few times a week up to every other day depending on how much your skin needs it.

Third, add some oils and serums. Research the best oils and serums for your skin type. This will add moisturize to the skin. If your skin tends to dry out pretty often, adding oils to your skincare routine are one of the best things you can do. Even if you have oily skin do not pass up on using oils and serums. Primrose oil is a very effective oil for acne prone skin that will not make you too oily.

Lastly, moisturize. For you acne prone ladies with very oily skin do not use an oil based moisturizer. Stay away from heavy creams. Try out a water based or gel-like moisturizer instead. For you ladies that need more hydration in your skin, use moisturizers that will pack your skin with lots of hydration. Products with hyaluronic acid are perfect for those who experience dry skin. Following this simple skincare routine of just four steps will complete your overall look for the day ahead.